Key roles

This guide provides steps on the major functions of the Energy Stewards platform. At the start, it is always good to be clear on who does what. Briefly:

Our role, Rapid Improvement . . .

  • We help confirm that this web platform tool is integrated with the other elements of your energy management/education program.
  • We help set-up your project site, and make certain you are confident in administering it.
  • We troubleshoot as issues and questions arise.
  • And we welcome your suggestions for enhancing the platform to make it ever more useful to your program partners.

Your role, the project administrator . . .

  • Once the project web site is up and running, you maintain it, edit and adjust elements as needed.
  • You are the chief contact with your project users and the your fellow team members.
  • You add buildings and their energy meters.
  • You set them up in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and share with RIA_Manager on “read” (data maintained in ENERGY STAR) or “read-write” (data maintained in Energy Stewards).
  • You promote and encourage taking action to improve energy use performance in their buidlings.

. . . ENERGY STAR® role

  • The ENERGY STAR energy use ratings and related features available through Portfolio Manager are an integral element of this project.
  • Each building in your Energy Stewards project site must also be set up in Portfolio Manager, with the data automatically sync’d between the two.