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Energy Stewards®  Speeds Verifiable Results

The Energy Stewards® web platform makes energy use easy to understand. It engages participants to take action to reduce financial & environmental costs across a range of property types.  The cloud-based web platform is an effective tool to efficiently spread energy improvement actions and view the results. It easily integrates into and strengthens existing energy management programs.

  • Manage multiple properties & team members
  • Track energy, water, renewables & action taken
  • Customize site to integrate with your program
  • Offer automatic monthly energy use updates
  • Integrated – ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  • Home page for each property

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See for Yourself

Energy Stewards & our support in tailoring it to your goals are designed to make energy impact transparent and actionable. Click on the link below to visit one of our partner sites. Note the features that can be tailored to your energy management goals.

Platform Features

Project Management

Supports spread and documentation of effective energy management practices across a portfolio of buildings. At a glance, managers can see: Which buildings are improving the most; Progress on Action Checklist; ENERGY STAR® rating; Last utility data update; Energy change from baseline. Drill down to Building Home Page to learn more.

Align Action

The Action Table customized to guide and monitor energy saving action across all buildings in a project group. Set milestones, practices and actions that you want all to test or adopt in their own buildings. See who is active, and who is not. Action Table is also linked to Forums, to share learning. Invite Team Members quickly engages key players.


The platform offers an automatic data link service with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, providing an easy-to-use connection to the leading building benchmark and the rich array of valuable ENERGY STAR information. You see how a particular building energy use ranks against similar buildings nationwide, how the rating has changed over time to inspire ongoing energy management improvement.

See Results

When an Action Item is checked, it is noted on the Energy Chart and Building Home Page. Specific actions can be linked to their related charts. (Water use actions appear on water charts, for example.) This makes reporting simple, and highlights what actions have been most helpful in reducing financial and environmental costs.

Share Learning

Energy Stewards is a tool that is deployed in the context of a range of resources centered around improving resource use and reducing both financial and environmental costs. It can help scale a good pilot program to involve many. At the heart of the Energy Stewards philosophy is sharing learning among those involved. Those who have been out ahead can speed the path for others who follow.

Recent Updates

Driven by user suggestions, Energy Stewards has evolved since first launched. Examples of recent updates: Change in Annual $ Cost vs. Baseline — Building home page calculates how much lower (or higher) your energy use costs are, in the most recent 12 months vs. the designated baseline year. Easy Print — Click Print button on your Building Home Page, or Energy Graphs Detail Page for screen shots that can be posted to your bulletin board. Helps keep building members up to date on your energy savings efforts. Read-Only Portfolio Manager Link – Already manage your data in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager? Now, checking a box there will share this data with the Energy Stewards interface, greatly simplifying data updates. Or choose to manage data in Energy Stewards and automatically update your PM account.

Energy Star Web Services

“We are a select provider of ENERGY STAR® Web Services. As such, Energy Stewards® automatically communicates with ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, enabling owners to easily benchmark energy use performance against similar buildings nationwide.” Justin Kale, Director of Opportunity Development – Energility

Our Project Partners

Our partners are companies, non-profit, units of government that seek to spread energy improvement more broadly and deeply among a portfolio of buildings, quickening a reduction in financial and environmental costs. They typically are ready to ramp-up a pilot program so it can be run more efficiently and effectively, engaging many more. They have a range of services and partners that can be brought together more fully and transparently to achieve their goals. We work with our partners only if they meet certain necessary conditions. As we start, we help firm their unique Action Table and program elements, set key milestones, launch dates and program reviews. We train local project leaders to administer the site. Throughout, we support with our deep experience with energy improvement and organizational change issues. Among those using the Energy Stewards platform today:

What They Say

“From the moment we began our partnership we have met nothing but highly professional expertise & personal collegiality. Through use of the outstanding online platform, a detailed action plan, bi-monthly webinars and tracking progress, our success has been truly remarkable.”
“The Energy Stewards platform has allowed EnergyNet students to easily and clearly see the impact their actions have on a building’s energy use. It’s the ability to see it with their own eyes that really engages our students.”
“Energy Stewards has provided significant value to the Mpower ChaMpions Program. It adds accountability, achievement and fosters peer to peer learning between the businesses.”

Our Commitment to You

Energility believes every business deserves access to an energy manager. Nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and commercial enterprises all can benefit from our proven energy intelligence.

The cornerstones of our mission: 1) Transfer our operations knowledge to the owners of buildings; 2) Create action plans to improve equipment and operations; 3) Establish results which lower environmental disruption; 4) And support local economies by collaborating with resources in the community.

We have built some 160 detailed Energy Plans (ASHRAE Level II energy audits) for 7 million square feet of commercial and industrial buildings. We have analyzed over $8 million in energy costs. Our clients have acted on the Energy Plans, investing over $5.6 million in 99 project resulting in annual savings of $1.2 million while reducing carbon emissions by over 4,100 metric tons.
Craig Foster

Craig leads the engineering and technical quality assurance services for our clients. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) who has been in the energy management industry working with commercial and industrial businesses for over 40 years.

Justin Kale

Justin engages new clients and manages client projects. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) who has been in the energy management industry working with commercial and industrial businesses for over 20 years.

Molly Yeager

Molly is focused on project coordination, building energy data collection, analysis of energy rates, and technical report delivery. She has over 20 years experience writing, editing, and conducting research.

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Energy Stewards Background

Kevin Little and Warren Gaskill of Rapid Improvement Associates, LLC developed the Energy Stewards web platform starting in 2005.  The observation that “any building can teach, as long as you pay attention” guided their work.

From this core observation, Energy Stewards aimed to help customers in two ways: 1) Make it simple for average building users to pay attention to the financial and environmental costs of heating and cooling a building. And 2) To make it easy to take action to improve building energy use performance, learning from peers, and key action steps.

Little and Gaskill’s consulting background has been in the quality improvement field, which informed their design choices for Energy Stewards. The basic QI tenets–tracking key measures over time, adopting practices to one’s unique conditions, testing a change on a small scale to see what leads to improvement and what doesn’t, and peer learning– are all part of the framework of Energy Stewards.

In 2021, Little and Gaskill are very pleased to have Energility, LLC help carry this platform and work forward.  

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