Add real-time energy display for a building

Function: If a building in your project group has its energy use (or a portion of its building energy use) or solar energy production reported in a non-password protected real-time website, it can be viewed from their building home page in Energy Stewards. Step 1: Turn on in Project Settings tab . . . Step 2: Scroll down to the desired area and toggle the features on>> Save Changes at bottom of page . . . Step 3: Go to Manage Organizations page>> Edit building where you want to add the webviewer . . . Step 4: Paste in the web address (remember — the web page has to be open to public view, not password protected) >> Save Changes at bottom of page . . .   Step 5: Click on Webviewer link on the building home page, and it will open access to the live data. (The display below is for a section of a high school where students are conducting energy use tests.)