Define project subsets, building types, etc.

Function: Helps you structure the view of your project and sort views at several areas throughout your project site. We help you set it up at the start. Subsets, building types (and any of the other drop-down menus in your site) can be changed anytime. But remember: you will have to go back and align the buildings with your new order. Step 1: Navigate via Site Content Tab >> Custom Lists. Click on the one you want to edit. . . Step 2: If not on list, Add New List Item. Or Edit one already on list>> Save Changes. Adjust order that they will appear on the drop down list via Move Up/Move Down . . . Step 3: At Manage Organization tab, when Add New Organization or New Building use the drop down list you edited above to assign to group with a subset or building type. If you want to change an existing building or organization, click on edit, make the change via the drop down >> Save Changes Drop-Downs on an Add Building or Edit Building Page>> Select>> Save Changes     Drop-down on an Add Organization or Edit Organization page>> Select>> Save Changes