Update Action Table

Function: Everything in the Action Table is adjustable, and can be updated and tweaked as the program with your project partners evolves. Topic area can be added or deleted, associated with certain energy use meters or not. In General — All the editing is carried out through the four tabs underlined in the screen shot above. And all operate the same — Click on Edit in the link to the right of the listing, make the change >> Save. You can alter the order of appearance of all (except Actions, discussed below) by moving up or down. Regarding Action Topics: Once you have defined the Action Codes, each Action Topic and be associated with any or all of the Action Codes. Also, you can associate a particular Action Topic with a specific data graph or to not be included for certain buildings in your group. Go to the Topic>>Edit — Make your adjustments >> Save Changes   Regarding Actions — The heart of your projects are the Actions you define. They are positioned on the list in numerical order, so you use a numbering system to have one appear before or after another. Also, each Action needs to be associated with a certain overall Topic and Category and Energy Graph.