Engaging users - Mail Blast, Forum

Function: You can easily and regularly keep your project participants informed and engaged. Mail Blast allows you to send out an email message to all or any user sub-set. Forum automatically emails all project users (if they have not opted out receiving them) summaries¬† of any comments added by users the day before. The user can include a picture, a file, a web link and more. Mail Blast: Select those to whom you want to send an email. Compose your message and title >> Preview Mail Blast. If some of your users have opted to get their mail in Text format (vs. html), you will be shown a Text version. Review both versions, edit to make any changes. When satisfied >> Send. Forum: Whenever a participant updates an Action Table item, they will be given an option to add a note or a comment. This can be skipped if they like, or they can add a helpful comment about what they learned. This comment is saved in the Forums section, linked to their action table, and summarized in an email that goes out to all the next morning. It is a helpful reminder to all about what others are doing. Helpful Hint: Require participants to file any reports via a Forum posting. Note: A participant can simply “add new post” via left navigation at any time.