Add, update an Organization

Function: Define the major subsets of your project group. Can then group related buildings under those major sub categories. Step 1: Confirm the “subsets” defined in Site Content>>Custom Lists are the same as the organizations you want to set up. Step 2: Navigate to Manage Organizations>>Click on Add New Organization. Step 3: Fill our form as completely as possible. Make the title the same as the sub category you have defined, such as Library Department or Southern Ohio Synod or Far West Side >> Submit Organization at bottom. Note: A building will be automatically added when you set up an organization. If there is no actual building (for a neighborhood, for example), that building can later be made inactive and deleted; the organization heading will remain. Step 4: Now go back to the Manage Organization tab, and add building(s),  link to the appropriate Organization via the Subset drop-down >> Save Changes.