Add, edit, link to ENERGY STAR

Function: Define the building both in Energy Stewards and in Portfolio Manager. Before: Confirm you have already defined the related subsets, building types, etc. in Site Content tab. Set up in Energy Stewards: Manage Organizations tab>> click on Add New Building. Fill out forum >> Save Changes. Not Yet Using Portfolio Manager: Go to your Portfolio Manager account >> Add a property, and follow the instructions as you move through the process. You will need to know the year the building was built, its square foot size, and more. Use same names as you used in setting up the building in Energy Stewards. Depending on the type of building you are setting up, there will be unique space attributes (hours of operation, number of computers, etc.) that you will need to confirm. Building and its meters will be linked to Energy Stewards after the energy meters have been defined, and after you have confirmed where the data will be maintained and updated (in Energy Stewards – preferable – or in Portfolio Manager if already using an account there. Already Using Portfolio Manager: If a building is already set up in a Portfolio Manager and the energy use data is maintained there, simply go to the Sharing Data section on the building page (about half way down on the right), and follow steps on Add User to Share this Facility. Share with RIA_Manager, and we will complete the connection.