Manage data in Energy Stewards

Function: Allows you to define organizations and buildings connected to those organizations. You can define what organization is, for example neighborhoods within a city, or synods with in a church. And then you can assign buildings related to those organizations. Note: Need to define Subsets (Site Content>>Custom Lists) & if tracking water or transportation in your project turn these options on (Project Settings>>Edit this group>>select features>>Save Changes). Step 1:  Define organizations (if needed) and building(s) and its meters in Energy Stewards.  Meter names should be recognized by your user, using an account number if there are several for a building >> Save Changes Step 2: Define same building(s) in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. We will help you establish an account if you don’t have one. You will need to know the year the building was built, and for certain types of buildings (congregations, schools, offices and others) information such as number of computers, walk-in refrigerators, hours, etc. Add meters that have the same names as the ones set up in Energy Stewards. Step 3:  In Portfolio Manger, link building and its meters to RIA_Manager via Share. Check read/write option (meaning data will maintained in Energy Stewards) Step 4: We will be automatically notified by email of the request to Share, and then complete the connection between the two databases. On your Manage Organization page, the meters where data are managed in Energy Stewards are shaded purple (example below). Once the initial set of data (2 years is preferable for each meter), your participants can then update the monthly usage.