Recent Updates to the Platform

The Energy Stewards platform has constantly evolved since first launched. Many suggestions for development come from our partner participants. Here are some recent updates.

2015-06-28_10-27-11Change in Annual $ Cost vs. Baseline — Building home page calculates how much lower (or higher) your energy use costs are, in the most recent 12 months vs. the designated baseline year.

2015-06-28_10-36-38Easy Print — Click Print button on your Building Home Page, or Energy Graphs Detail Page for screen shots that can be posted to your bulletin board. Helps keep building members up to date on your energy savings efforts.

Data updated in Portfolio Manager automatically updates Energy StewardsRead-Only Portfolio Manager Link – Already manage your data in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager? Now, checking a box there will share this data with the Energy Stewards interface, greatly simplifying data updates. Or choose to manage data in Energy Stewards and automatically update your PM account.

Additional Meters Added — Water, Steam, on-site PV or Wind production. Next up: Transportation, commute and/or at work tracking, graphing, CO2 impact. Actions taken can be linked to their related meters.

  • Change From BaselineChange from Baseline – Quickly shows how a building is performing compared to its own past, and its progress compared to other buildings in the project group. You can now set your own baseline period, or use the default setting (most recent 12 months vs. 1st 12 months in data set).
  • Project NotesProject Notes – Provides a space for building energy team members to capture their goals for a project, list their major accomplishment and keep relevant notes. Link located on each building home page.
  • Multiple MetersMultiple Meters – For larger buildings, you can now add all the electric and gas meters that serve the building, providing a unified view.
  • Automated Benchmarking ProviderAutomated Benchmarking – Two-way data connection between ENERGY STAR® & Energy Stewards. Enter data in one and it automatically updates the other.
  • Mail Blast – Easy communication to all or some members of a project community.
  • Action ItemsEdit Multiple Action Items – Update one or several actions. Leave a comment on what you learned.
  • My Building Home PageMy Building Home Page – The landing page for each person connected with a building. Handy dashboard hihglights key factors, has quick links to the detail.
  • Update Energy DataUpdate Energy Data – Easy to quickly add or update monthly energy use for a building.