Make a Change, Monitor the Results

The Action Table in Energy Steward helps you identify your energy management actions and to track what’s been done, when, and for which buildings in your group of buildings.   We think of the Action Table as the heart of Energy Stewards.

The organizations that use Energy Stewards to best effect integrate the Action Table into their management work–for example, using the Action Table as a core part of a monthly energy management review.    Of course, it’s important to check whether your actions have had the effect you intend, so we link actions to your energy graphs with the green arrows; You can click on each arrow to see the actions, month by month.

Monitoring energy use with graphs and other displays does not improve energy use.   You need to change operating procedures, set-points, schedules, behaviors, and equipment to use energy more efficiently.   In fact, if you had to choose between monitoring and actions, you should choose actions–though without monitoring you have no feedback to tell you if you are really improving performance.   Without monitoring, you can’t estimate the dollar and environmental benefits of better energy use.

Of course, you don’t have to choose between actions and monitoring but our extreme example shows that the energy management actions and your organization to carry out the actions are the heart of energy management.   Monitoring and displays of energy use are secondary.    If you divide up your time and effort, a version of the 80-20 rule applies:   give 80% or more of your time and effort to identifying and carrying out appropriate energy management actions.  Less than 20% of your time and effort should be devoted to monitoring.   If most of your use of Energy Stewards involves reviewing the energy graphs and the list of buildings on the main group page,  you have the opportunity to increase the impact of Energy Stewards by putting more time and effort into using the Action Table in your energy management program.

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