What’s a Platform, Anyway?

We refer to Energy Stewards™ as a web platform.   What is that supposed to mean?  A platform is a foundation on which you can build something useful.  Another word that describes Energy Stewards is “framework.”   I got reminded about platforms and frameworks while reading Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From this week.   One of the principles that generates good ideas (and change for the better) is “platforms”; coral reefs provide the natural example that inspires the platform chapter in Johnson’s book.

In our case, Energy Stewards provides a basic web environment that contains building blocks to organize and share your organization’s approach to energy management.   The main building blocks allow you to (1) publish actions and milestones you’re taking or want to take to use energy more intelligently (2) show your building’s energy data and energy costs over time (3) share questions and insights and problems with your colleagues. managers, and any one else you choose and (4) bridge to the host of building-related reports and calculations available on the ENERGY STAR®  Porfolio Manager website.

We recognize that the ultimate richness and power of Energy Stewards comes from your content.   Upgrades to the platform reflect our work to add more building blocks that are both easy to use and will make your energy management more successful with less effort.


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