Upcoming Platform Upgrades

We have given the green light to a series of platform upgrades that will be rolling into place over the next two months. Together, they will deepen our links with the very useful ENERGY STAR® benchmarking program, and expand on the ability of our project partners to broaden their scope of services.

In addition to the recently completed two-way link with Portfolio Manager and the very useful Read-Only access to accounts already established in ENERGY STAR, we will be adding:

  • Building water, transportation, steam, renewable meters;
  • The ability to set custom baselines for each project group;
  • Ability to add custom notes to the Action Table, and have it show on the Energy Charts;
  • Provide alerts if energy data reports are more than 120 days old;
  • Simplify administration of the project sites.

In all there are some two dozen improvements being implemented, a number of them suggested by program participants.

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