Several Enhancements Go Live

In the past week we have updated the Energy Stewards platform with new functions and features. The enhancements include:

Transportation Meters Added – Now you and your building green team can track your monthly transportation costs. Commute and At Work meters are live, allowing you to see financial and environmental costs. Like all our meters, actions taken are linked the meter graphs.

Building Group Change from Baseline – In addition to seeing how a building’s energy use in the most recent 12 months compares to a set baseline year, you can also easily see how a portfolio of buildings’ energy use compares in most recent 12 months to the baseline year. Summary reported in an updated Dashboard.

Total Energy Costs/$ Square Foot — At a glance you can now see the most recent 12-month energy cost for a building or a group of buildings. You can also sort a list to see which building has lowest energy cost/square foot and which has highest.

Energy Data Update Notice — Building leaders will now be automatically notified if their building energy use history is more than 120 days old, prompting them to update. The current energy use data is required for useful ENERGY STAR benchmarking. Last Complete Month date will also turn red if data are more than 120 days old so project leaders can see at a glance who is current and who is not.

Add Special Event Annotation — Building project leaders can now note a unique Special Event to their energy charts. Allows them to capture notes that aren’t in the Action Table, but which may have had some effect on building energy use.

There are additional functions and features that will go live over the next few weeks. We will let you know as they come.

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