Platform Features Go Live

In the past few days we have updated the Energy Stewards platform with new functions and features. These include:

Additional Meters Added – Ability to add water, district steam and on-site photovoltaic and wind electric energy meters to a building. They function just like the electric and natural gas meters in terms of adding, updating and graphing on a building detail page. All are linked to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager via our ABS link.

Adjust Baseline Year – Until now, the Change from Baseline was calculated automatically by comparing a building’s most recent 12 months of energy use to the first 12 months of energy use data in its data set. Now — on the Edit Building page in your ES Admin — you can set that baseline year to start in any month/year that will give you 12 months of data to compare to the most recent 12 months of energy use.

Added Energy Intensity Graphs — For buildings that are not one of the specified ENERGY STAR types (schools, offices, congregations, etc.), we have added a graph on the Detail page of a building that charts the change in weather adjusted energy intensity (12-month energy use/building size, weather adjusted) over time. This will provide a simple visual to see if a building is become more or less energy intense, adjusting for weather.

There are additional functions and features that will go live over the next few weeks. We will let you know as they come.

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