A Round of Enhancements Go Live

One of the updates -- Easily change Baseline Year.

One of the updates — Easily change Baseline Year.

We recently completed a round of investment into the Energy Stewards® web platform.

The highlights:

  • Download your own Action Table, either filled out or a fresh blank version.  Helps for reports or for a team working together on planning next steps.
  • User adjust Benchmark Year for your property or for your portfolio of properties. Easily see how the most recent 12 months of energy data compares to any 12-month period you select.
  • Energy Intensity multiple graphs. For properties that are not in an ENERGY STAR® rated property category, an option was added to view the weather-normalized energy use for all properties in the portfolio. Allows easy and quick comparison of  energy use improvement (or lack of) over time on an apples-to-apples basis.
  • Add ENERGY STAR property data to download. Provides a complete picture of property energy use data, including weather -normalized data and more.
  • View energy use. If the square foot data has not yet sync’d with Portfolio Manager, a user can view their property energy use data once entered.
  • Additional units for natural gas.  In addition to therms, user can update natural gas data in units of hundred cubic feet (ccf) or thousand cubic feet (mcf), common billing measurements for some utilities in the country. The enhancement sets the stage to add a wider range or units on other energy types.
  • A red data alert. Appears on the data entry page where there is a problem with how a data was entered. Typically it signals a gap in the dates of entry, an issue which blocks reporting of an ENERGY STAR score.

These enhancements have been suggested by users, by our own experience, and opportunities that open in the ever-evolving technology ecosphere. The Energy Stewards platform has evolved through this interaction for years now.

Working on now: A major “rewiring” of the Energy Stewards programming to connect with the June 2013 upgrade of Portfolio Manager. The long-anticipated upgrade to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager — to which we are fully integrated — will be welcomed, providing greater speed of data exchange, reporting features and more.

We will keep you abreast of details in the countdown over the next four months.

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