Updated Portfolio Manager off to a rough start

2013-07-20_14-32-37We have been working with the new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager since it went live this past Wednesday and found it got off on a pretty rough start.

The Portfolio Manager site was overwhelmed by users on Wednesday all logging in throughout the day, slowing the speed of the site way down. That has evened out some, and the page changes are much quicker.

But we are still finding elements that aren’t yet working, such as editing users or getting some reports. And we have found the new layout and structure to be much less quickly informative for a portfolio of buildings.

We believe non-working elements will be fixed. And hope that the interface will be improved over time.

The Energy Stewards platform remains quickly informative to users in comparing energy use performance of properties for whole portfolios or subsets, seeing changes over time, and user engagement on key action steps.

We have also found that the data exchange between Energy Stewards and Portfolio Manager is moving much more quickly now. (In the earlier platform, it could have taken 24-48 hours or more to fully sync.)

Overall, we believe the upgrade to Portfolio Manager is very beneficial to our project partners in how it is integrated with their Energy Stewards project platform. The ENERGY STAR property energy use benchmarking, weather normalized data, CO2 data are the most thorough and useful in the field.

So the upgrades have made the Energy Stewards platform more useful, and we will continue to work with Portfolio Manager administrators to help them work out the kinks as they move ahead. We believe the investment we made in the programming required to link to the new Portfolio Manager has been well worth it.


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