EPA Announces Change to Hospital Portfolio Manager Rating

As most of you know, Energy Stewards™ ties to ENERGY STAR®’s Portfolio Manager.   When Portfolio Manager changes, so does Energy Stewards.

After many months of study and work, assisted by the American Society for Hospital Engineers (ASHE), ENERGY STAR last week announced a revision to the rating method used to give hospitals a 1-100 score.  The change will go into effect in November, 2011.

The new rating method uses data on 191 hospitals gathered in 2010, replacing the data set last updated in 1999.

The new method uses two new hospital parameters to account for differences in energy intensity:  number of full time equivalent staff and count of MRI’s.  EPA also adjusted two other parameters. “Beds set-up and staffed for use” now replaces the previous “number of licensed beds” field.   The new model only uses cooling degree days as a rating factor instead of total degree days (air-conditioning is a bigger determinant of energy intensity than heating in this data set).    ENERGY STAR says that in its analysis, “a building with a higher number of heating degree days is not expected to score higher or lower than a building with a lower number of heating degree days.”

For those of you who like details, click here to link to the pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation delivered at the ASHE meeting on 7/18/2011.  You can get the associated technical white paper by clicking here.

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