ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Upgrades Welcome — And a Year Away

The new landing page

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is in the midst of a helpful, complex update, both in what you will see on the surface of the web platform and what powers it all “under the hood.”

The result, due to be launched a year from now,  promises this leading building energy use benchmarking service will

“My Property” page

support both faster response times and easier use.

The updates will provide key benefits to our project partners while enhancing our Energy Stewards® web platform. We will be investing a good bit over the next several months to make certain our programming is aligned with the new system.

Sharing a property — First confirm connection with an individual, then share the property data.

The changes to the Portfolio Manager database behind the scenes will speed up processing of information — “moving smaller packets of information more quickly” — allowing data updates to be more real-time (vs the current at least overnight delay).

The design changes will make Portfolio Manager more intuitive to use (“more Turbo Tax like functions”) and make sharing of energy data more flexible among interested parties. There will be a broader range of building

There will be different ways to share energy data, including custom and automated data exchange that a growing number of utilities are offering.

descriptions, but the categories currently rated with the 0-100 score will remain the current 14 space types at least until the transition has been successfully completed.

And there will be an adjustment in terminology — from “building” as the basic unit to “property,” which can be defined as whole building, or a floor of a building  being leased,  or a campus of buildings.

ENERGY STAR also promises making it easier for property owners to connect with and share automatic updates of energy use data being offered by a growing number of utilities nationally.

This upgrade is being driven by the tremendous growth in the use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as a common gauge of building energy use performance. More than 200,000 buildings across the US are using the Portfolio Manager platform. Its use is required by buildings owned and occupied by the US government and a variety of local and state agencies nationally. With the upgrade,  the program will be extended for use in Canada.

The final layout of  the new interface is being previewed this month. We have included a few screen shots here as examples. The final programming requirements will be released this fall. Then we and the other the Automated Benchmarking Service Providers can go through the programming upgrades on our side to connect with the new Portfolio Manager that will be launched in June 2013.

We will provide updates as we progress.


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