Water matters, too


The water cycle is one of Nature’s services that many of us in temperate zones don’t think about until we see trees dropping their leaves in July and the entire corn crop failing in southern Wisconsin.

Where I live in Wisconsin, we’re in the fifth week of no rain and higher than historically normal temperatures.  We’re not alone, many parts of the West and Midwest are in even worse conditions as shown in the map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration.

Of course it’s hard to assign this particular five weeks to the effects of climate change but it certainly is consistent with predictions of long-term climate models.

We named our web application Energy Stewards®, but we also track water use in buildings, aligned with ENERGY STAR®’s Portfolio Manager.   That’s a start in building intuition and understanding of water in our communities.  Water issues will be more and more pressing in the coming years and we need to build our skills and will to make a difference.

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