Lutheran Energy Stewards Initiative is featured

First English Lutheran of Columbus, OH and the Lutherans Restoring Creation Energy Stewards Initiative are featured in this article in Living Lutheran.

First English participates in the Energy Stewards Initiative of Lutherans Restoring Creation — a national grassroots program dedicated to encouraging ELCA congregations to care for creation. Twelve ELCA congregations are currently participating in the initiative. The pilot program is using the Energy Stewards platform to effectively network participants from across the country.

David Rhoads, a leader of the program, tells Living Lutheran that a goal of Lutherans Restoring Creation is to incorporate the care for creation into the full life of a congregation — from worship to taking responsibility for buildings and grounds, from lifestyle of members at home and work to education about energy efficiency and more. David is director of Lutherans Restoring Creation and professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

“The ELCA has a strong interest in charting the progress of congregations in reducing the use and cost of energy for their buildings,” says David, adding that a primary goal of the initiative is to help congregations reduce, on average, at least 5 percent of the energy used per year.

“Many congregations are suffering to maintain older and inefficient buildings,” he says. In his experience, “congregations have a desire to receive practical advice on these matters and want to be able to monitor and report progress in energy reduction.”

The program is half-way through its first year. It includes a series of six webinars.

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