Key Ingredients for Spreading Action

My colleague Kevin Little came across a 2007 paper in “The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science” on readiness for change.  It draws on classic research in the 1940s that looked at the acceptance of new hybrid seed corn in Iowa.

The five key elements identified are important for any organization to assess as it looks to spread and deepen its energy management and sustainability programs. They are:

  • Discrepancypeople believe a change is necessary (current state not sustainable).
  • Appropriatenessthe change (and the way it is to be deployed) make sense.
  • Efficacywe can actually make the change (we have the capacity)
  • Principal supportboss and team will put their shoulders to the wheel on this one; opinion leaders are on board.
  • Valencepersonal rewards (intrinsic and extrinsic) to the individuals (“what’s in it for me?”)

A very useful checklist, one that is embedded in the heart of our work with our project partners.

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