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Water matters, too

  The water cycle is one of Nature’s services that many of us in temperate zones don’t think about until we see trees dropping their leaves in July and the entire corn crop failing in southern Wisconsin. Where I live … Continue reading

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EPA Climate Showcase Communities May 2012, Madison WI: Getting ready

EPA sponsored a meeting in Madison, WI 22-24 May 2012 that assembled representatives from the 50 organizations with Climate Showcase Communities grants—tribal governments, municipalities and non-profit organizations.  SustainDane, which uses Energy Stewards® for its MPower program, has one of the … Continue reading

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What are Degree Days?

If you live in the northern part of the U.S. and heat a building by natural gas, the gas bill from the utility will often report a number called “heating degree days.” Why is this number useful? “Heating degree days” … Continue reading

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Energy Future, by the numbers

Physicist David MacKay published a book four years ago, Sustainable Energy–Without the Hot Air.   I just learned about this great book from a review in this week’s New York Review of Books.   I’ve read the first two chapters this … Continue reading

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ENERGY STAR Ratings: The numbers behind the 1-100 scale

We recently posted a description of the ways Energy Stewards® uses the ENERGY STAR® ratings.   In this post, we’ll give a bit of background on the 1-100 scale–where it comes from and how it gets updated. The 1-100 scale is … Continue reading

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ENERGY STAR ratings, month by month

Energy Stewards® creates summary graphs and tables from your building’s monthly energy use data.  These monthly values, shared with the ENERGY STAR system, are the starting point in understanding the energy performance of your building. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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A Community Hard at Work

Our colleagues at SustainDane have kicked off their third round of community-based environmental stewardship.  Named as MPower Champions, businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies come together to share ideas, commit to specific improvement projects, and track and share energy and … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing Data Tasks: Could it be useful for Energy Management?

  The Zooniverse web-site claims over 599,000 participants are taking part in science projects world-wide as of 3/13/2012. I learned about one of Zooniverse’s project, transcribing weather data from Royal Navy log books, in the February 2012 issue of Significance, … Continue reading

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Estimates of CO2 in Energy Stewards–Part 2

In the last post, we showed how Energy Stewards® uses numbers from ENERGY STAR to estimate CO2 impact and changes from a baseline year on the building home page and on the detailed graphs page.   Remember that for electricity, ENERGY … Continue reading

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CO2 Accounting in Energy Stewards

Energy Stewards® reports annual carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with your building’s use of energy.   Where do the numbers come from and how good are they? Energy Stewards uses the ENERGY STAR calculations for CO2 emissions.  In this post, we’ll touch … Continue reading

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