Welcome Ohio Interfaith Power & Light

We are delighted to welcome a new project partner — Ohio Interfaith Power & Light.

The Columbus, OH-based non-profit works with diverse religious communities throughout the state on a wide-range range of educational programs in “putting faith into action.” In particular, OhIPL targets response to the mounting threats of climate change by promoting energy use efficiency, conservation, renewables and more. It is one of 36 similar coalitions across the country.

OhIPL officially launched its Energy Stewards & Energy Audit program earlier this month at the 100-year-old First English Lutheran Church in Columbus. With a current ENERGY STAR score of 90, the congregation was the first in the state to have a certified ENERGY STAR rating. It is led by the Rev. Bob Ward. His wife, Sara Ward, is director of Ohio Interfaith.

OhIPL’s Stewards program offers an 85-point checklist of cost-saving measures and allows members to input changes to determine if they’re effective, said Foster Energy Management’s Craig Foster, an Episcopalian deacon who performed the energy audit at First English.

We welcome Ohio Interfaith as a project partner, and will work with them closely to help achieve significant energy improvement results among many more.

More about First English and the launch of the program can be found at this link.

More about the Interfaith Power & Light movement is explained in the 3-minute video below.



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