Madison — $5 million prize semi-finalist — to be more “green”

Madison, a long-time project partner of Energy Stewards, is one of 50 cities in the running to win a $5 million prize for reducing energy consumption, Mayor Paul Soglin said Wednesday.55b95c9827a58.image_3

Soglin announced a citywide initiative, dubbed “Green Madison,” with hopes of beating out other small
and mid-size cities’ energy-saving plans to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The winning city, announced in spring 2017, will be required to spend the $5 million over multiple years on local energy-efficiency programs.

Madison’s success hinges on individual participation. The prize “won’t be won by some grant-writer,” Soglin said.

The city will lead the movement by increasing energy efficiency in municipal buildings, and offer audits and guidance to help homeowners and landlords do the same. Financial assistance will be available for participating low-income households.

Madisonians are also encouraged to sign up for an online game called “Cool Choices,” Soglin said, which tracks sustainable actions, small and large.

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